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I’m Timi Wahalahti


Back-end developer and WordPress enthusiast from Jyväskylä, Finland. Timi works at digital agency Dude building highly customized websites and -services.

He is also founder and co-host of first Finnish WordPress podcast, WPJKL Meetup co-organiser, WordCamp organizer and WordPress Community Deputy.

Outside of WordPress bubble, Timi spends his time riding a bicycle, organizing races or speaking about cycling. Timi is part of cycling advocacy collective, cycling advocate at local cycling club called JYPS and active in nationwide cycling advocacy federation.


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Tiedote: olen elossa ja pienessä pätkässä.  Tiedote päättyy. Vapaa julkaistavaksi heti.Here again.#WCEU session days have started! 😍 This day is mostly enjoying the content for me, as leading the whole Contributor Day yesterday was my main responsibility. Love to see the whole event coming together 😻😻Basic day at the office... Not. Just sent #WCEU Contributor Day information to over 2500 attendees from gym locker room. Excited to see the day finally happening!#blackouttuesdayQuick overnight cycling trip, falling asleep to the song of birs and three hours sauna session. IKesäkauden avaava @jypsry hieman pidempi ja vauhdikkaampi viikoittainen kuntolenkki. #icyclejkl #wecyclejklThis week cyclist was killed in Helsinki by truck driver that drove over the cyclist at the crossroads. Month ago cyclist died after car driver drove over them in Jyväskylä. I have so much sadness and anger inside me. How long the society is going to tolerate this? Both deaths could have been prevented. #ghostbike #ghostbikesTokko olis jokunen vuos sitten uskonut että mua saa salille. Kannatti kuitenkin koittaa (taas), nimittäin on aika mahtavaa huomata miten oma olo on kohentunut huomattavasti ja kuinka treeni tukee pyöräilyä. Homma ois tosin stopannut tykkänään ilman @boomvalmennus @satulotta joka ohjeistaa ja potkii tekemään oikeita juttuja. Myös salin ja treenin ulkopuolella on menty aika paljon kohti parempaa elämää, kiitos Lotan 💥💪🦵 #boomjengi #boomasenne @kuntokeskusliikku #liikkuSaatanallinen jono.

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I do like listening podcasts. To be exact, so far I have liked it worth of 17 days and 22 hours. Currently 8 unplayed episodes 😅

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