How to disable user status updates in BuddyPress

I’m extending the client’s website to have social elements like public profile pages, profile activity, some custom-created content and such. Because I do like to build things myself, my first thought was to build all of this by myself from start. Not so great idea after thinking it thoroughly through.

I did look up some different options and landed to use BuddyPress as a core to provide all the usual profile things and such. It seems to work very well together with Restrict Content Pro which is a huge advantage. But oh well, I think you are not after the story about the site and plugins used.

BuddyPress has a lot of actions and filters to modify it, so it was a little surprise that there is no filter to disable status update functionality in user activity streams. That little text area where user can write their updates like it was a Facebook or something… The updates are then visible on users or in the selected group’s activity stream.

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On switching jobs.

I feel like this year has again started with many posts about how people are switching jobs. Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure it has been the right move and I’m really happy for them. Nevertheless, it has caused a little bugging feeling inside me.

When people share about their new jobs, they are justifiably always excited. The little bugging feeling is, that I think those posts do need a counterbalance. In the form of posts telling how great people’s current job still is. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall into thinking that you should find a new job just because “everyone is changing jobs, should also I?”.

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Using the same database for development and staging environments with WordPress Network

Here at Dude, we use the same database for the site’s all development and staging environments. With this neat arrangement, we always have the latest content shared between our developers, which is crucial as the team might be working on the same project at the same time. No need for database migrations or moving dump files. Backend developer can just tell to frontend developer that the new page is there and needs styling.

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ACF field for network post relations

Earlier today I needed to get posts across the entire WordPress Network installation into ACF post object field. To my surprise, this isn’t possible with ACF itself and few plugin implementations found from Github were abandoned or didn’t fit fully to my needs.

So what developer does in this kind of situation? Writes a plugin that adds a new field type.

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Three years on Contributing to WordPress project

During the last six months, I’ve been thinking more and more how grateful I am for being able to contribute to the WordPress project. It has taught me so much on so many levels. Helping event organizers allows me to go (virtually) around the world and learn from different cultures. I get to work with amazing and super talented persons. New friendships and connections have been established. I’ve been trusted to take care of complex things and resolve those on my own.

It always gives a long-lasting good feeling, when you see someone you helped to make a blast out of their event or success in their contribution. But the utmost valuable thing has been endless warmth and respect for each other. Even if we wouldn’t always agree, everyone’s opinion is heard and taken into consideration. We work together towards the same goal.

Without my involvement in the project and without the discussion with thoughtful individuals, I wouldn’t be the person I’m today. WordPress project has given me the feeling of being part of something bigger and far more important than I’ve felt ever before, although I have been involved in too many soups to this age.

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12 years with WordPress

My journey with WordPress started in the year 2008 when I was just 14 years old. We needed a new website for our scout troop and I had some experience with playing around with HTML, CSS and home server old rubbish PC under the bed. Eagerly with no real knowledge of building a website and not to speak about running a one in a production, I took the task.

I don’t remember exactly how we found each other with WordPress and why I ended up using it in the first place. But there’s one feeling that I do remember: excitement.

Excitement on how easy it was to modify the layout and publish content.

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Ekologista ja eettistä sähköä etsimässä

Vanha määräaikainen sähkösopimukseni on umpeutumassa pian ja se herätti kilpailuttamaan uuden sopimuksen. Viimeksi kaksi vuotta sitten sähkösopimusta tehdessäni elämäntilanne oli sellainen, että halusin lähinnä helpoimman järkevähintaisen sopimuksen.

Tällä kertaa halusin kiinnittää huomiota myös sähkön tuotantotapaan ja valitsemani sähköyhtiön taustoihin.

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