My good friend and colleague Rolle started writing a daily logbook a few months ago. I’ve really enjoyed reading those updates – short and simple updates about hows the day has been, what the general mood is and what’s on top of his mind.

Just when the holidays had started, I tried to start a challenge to click publish every week for 30 weeks. Failed miserably with that. For me, the blog has always been a place where to write more detailed, longer format posts with something that could actually interest or help others. Publishing lighter blog posts about small(ish) topics or something that is only about myself just isn’t for me. So finding something to write each week did prove to be very difficult.

Life is very hectic now with everything happening at work, me taking a chairperson role on the local cycling club after the last chairman had been in that position for 16 years, mentoring WordCamp Europe, contributing to the WordPress Global Community team and all other smaller commitments that have accumulated. As my now page states, I really need to learn to say now for any new commitments.

Hopefully, this log becomes a place where it is possible to just do a quick brain dump, gather some thoughts about the day and create at least some calmness in my head.

Let’s see how the daily cadence works – not going to stress about it, but definitely trying to make a log entry at least three times a week. Choosing to write in English may make this a bit more difficult, as expressing thoughts in a non-native language can be hard sometimes. At the same time, this is an excellent opportunity to expand my vocabulary. Thank god for Grammarly