I wish Slack had a feature to set Do Not Disturb mode for all workspaces at once. Yes, there is OS level DND and that is automated to switch on every day between 0900 and 1700. Still, would be a hell lot easier if Slack had that global setting – you know, OS level DND needs to be switched off sometimes but having certain workspaces silenced could be useful. There are currently nine workspaces I belong to and in three of those, I’m receiving multiple pings a day. It’s a constant battle on learning to focus…

It’s also a constant battle to accept that my role at work has shifted a bit after becoming a partner and our company having its first backend developer trainee. Don’t have so much time anymore to do the actual coding, which is what I’ve always done and absolutely love even today. There are just so many other things to do; helping the trainee, helping sales with pitching technical solutions for potential clients, meetings with current clients, writing all kinds of materials, messages here and there, coordination etc. It is absolutely ok to not do any code commits or just a few in a day, when you have done other important company related things.

My term as a WordPress Community team rep ended when the year changed. For some reason, that feels very liberating even the team rep role isn’t that burdensome. Now I can concentrate my time and contributions in the team towards efforts that I’d really like to foster, boost and improve instead of taking care of running the mundane tasks. Not saying that I wouldn’t like mundane tasks in the team – it’s just the fact that now I’m able to decide which mundane things to do.

In other news, the national (race) cycling federation (not to confuse with national cyclists’ federation!) membership fee drama continues. I’m so fed up with the whole federation and dealing the drama they cause to local level cycling clubs – but we’ll just have to sort it out as the membership of the national federation is required to have professional competitors in races organised under UCI.

Hoping to get a second negative from the COVID home test tomorrow, after last week’s exposure in the sauna If that’s the case, I can go to sauna again tomorrow after missing this week first shift. Could really use three hours sauna and cold water swimming session – that is an almost meditative thing for me.