This was an exhausting day. It was even hard to get into meditational experience during sauna and cold swimming. Feelings of insecurity and doubts about myself being the right person for certain roles were flying in my head.

It all started from me mentioning a small thing that our city could improve on. That accumulated into a discussion hinting about me not taking every aspect of the group’s different kinds of focus areas into account. The truth couldn’t be further from that. I’ve always tried to cover all and consider every possible way people are engaged in the group, help to foster also the areas I’m not personally so interested and used countless hours in doing so. Even taken holidays from work to enable activities for others.

In another group that I’m currently working with, couldn’t be prouder about the members of it! They handled a situation that could have led to unpleasant results so professionally and well. It was amazing to watch from the side.

I usually don’t cry, it just doesn’t happen very often. Today it happened.