Sauna. Again I had forgot to have sauna. Should have learned from the Q1 that it’s vital part of my mental healthbeing. At least two times a week, preferably three. With a good natural water swim, during winter in gold water.

I have set of sauna rituals. Always try to go at the same time. Set number of bathing in sauna and swimming. Sip of water on each transition between stages. On summer season, every other sauna bathing in smoke sauna and every other in normal one. At the sauna, same place to sit.

Usually, same regulars do come and go during my almost three hour ritual. Some light chatting with them, but nothing too serious because atmosphere in sauna needs to stay relaxed. Most of the other regulars are elderly persons or at least notably older than me.

After sauna, either have a small snack at cottage or plant based sausage at fireplace outside while enjoying late summer nights. Then a slow bicycle ride back to home, without breaking a sweat again. At home, few pages of weekly paper, Suomen Kuvalehti, or a book.

That’s the way to treat my head. If you notice me being crumpy or all over the place, ask when was the last sauna session.