Services and apps I use weekly

I find people sharing their toolbelt of different services and apps interesting, as those appeal to the mindset that is always looking for shinier alternatives and ways to trim any overhead off from days.

Haven’t shared my toolbelt earlier, so decided to do so. My philosophy for services and apps is that the simpler it is, the better. Many do try to solve too many things and pack features that are only loosely related, ending up being nightmarish for users.

I’ve been using the majority of the items listed for years now – it’s up to you to decide whether it tells something about them or me. In any case, hope you find some new services or apps to give a try!

  • Firefox, a browser that cares about your privacy
  • 1Password, for not using the same password everywhere
  • Simplenote, go-to app for taking notes and making shopping lists
  • Grammarly, to iron out spelling mistakes when writing in English
  • DeepL Translator, surprisingly good alternative to replace G Translate
  • CleanShot, the most easy-to-use screen capture tool with cloud sharing that just works
  • MEGA, storing literally everything that is not temporary, work-related or in Drive
  • Pocket Casts, is keeping track of how much I’m behind on listening podcasts
  • Fastmail, Google-free emails and calendars that do support own domain
  • Spark, best email client to survive with eight accounts and tons of emails a week
  • Tweeten, most powerful Twitter client to manage 10+ Twitter accounts
  • Akiflow, simple yet powerful daily planning and todo-list
  • Todoist, versatile todo-list that just works (soon to be fully replaced with Akiflow)
  • Height, project and task management with the team
  • Clockify, the simplest way of tracking time spent on projects
  • Sublime Text, bit old-school editor but still the best
  • Insomnia, much simpler API client than its competitors
  • ForkLift, modern file manager and file transfer app
  • Sequel Pro, no need to use phpMyAdmin
  • Syncthing, keeping media files for different dev and staging environments in sync
  • Numi, simple beautiful text-based calculator that supports multiple calculations in one view
  • Bartender, keeping macOS menu bar minimalistic and tidy
  • Irvue, small app for changing background images daily from Unsplash for a fresh feeling
  • Moom, helping to navigate four monitor setup with pre-set layouts and window sizes
  • MTMR, making the most out of touch bar
  • iStatMenus, cleaner system indicators on the menu bar
  • Freedome, protecting my privacy when using open or suspicious internet connections
  • BetterUptime, for monitoring websites, servers and other crucial things
  • HelpScout, best customer support ticketing system out there

Any experiences with listed services and apps or good alternatives? Let me know in the comments!

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