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Updating my now page was a long due. I’ve moved the task on Akiflow forward countless times. Now that I’m finally updating that page, I figured out tha I might as well write a small life update on the blog. Well, this post also acts as an easy way to tell some big-picture things simultaneously for a large number of folks, since I will be contacting some personally during the coming days.

To those who might not have known previously: I’m a partner in the boutique digital agency Dude. We focus solely on designing and developing solutions built with WordPress. The growth of the company during the last few years has accelerated since we decided to push things forward a tad more ambitiously. We’re now at nine employees.

This year started with big news at work. Few weeks into the year, one of the four partners told that he wants to step down from day-to-day work at the end of month. More about that on the company blog (in Finnish, sorry). tl;dr no drama related, he just decided that it was time to do something else after working with websites for 19 years as an entrepreneur.

This partner happened to be our CEO and sales person.

Maybe needless to say, even the stepping down was planned well together to be as seamless as possible, it has caused extra work load for the three of us remaining in day-to-day operations.

Be not mistaken, load would have been high anyways since all four of us had agreed earlier to put pedal to the metal and go to the moon Our plans for future were, and still are, very ambitious. A little more about this again in company blog (and again in Finnish).

I appreciate and love my partners. Couldn’t imagine running the company with anyone else than them. And I’m thankful about the fact that years ago they trusted to hire me as an first employee. Working together to grow the business is best thing I can imagine doing now and in foreseeable future.

Given the situation and our plans for Dude, I’ve needed to switch my focus from multiple different things to almost solely into our company. That means time contributed to WordPress project has decreased dramatically. Cycling club and advocacy work has also decresed into the lowest possible amount acceptable for chairperson.

All that is more or less planned and conscious choice. I’ve should have made these decisions bit earlier. And most importantly, inform some folks earlier. But it’s hard. It’s real hard when you love everything you do, want to help all the important projects and support the people in these communities.

In case you have any questions, thoughts or just want to talk or say hi, and I haven’t yet reached out to you – feel free to connect. Always happy to chat

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